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What is the maximum panel size available for 400G high speed pcb?

400G high speed PCB are indispensable components in modern electronic communications equipment and communication systems, capable of processing data up to 400 Gbps and providing the necessary infrastructure. One of the most common questions asked by many manufacturers who need network and telecommunications equipment when purchasing them is the maximum panel size available. In this article, we will tell you what factors determine the size.

The importance of PCB panel size

The importance of PCB panel size lies in its direct impact on manufacturing efficiency and yield. Large panel sizes enable higher packaging density and simultaneously increase the number of circuit boards per panel, thereby improving material utilization and reducing waste. In addition, the PCB panel’s size also affects the circuit board’s manufacturability and the production process’s yield. Small panel sizes can lead to the risk of defects such as misalignment, warping, or damage during assembly. Large panel sizes provide greater flexibility in routing and placing components, promoting more efficient layout designs and minimizing signal interference or crosstalk.

Maximum panel size of 400G high-speed PCB

The maximum panel size of a 400G high-speed PCB is 25.6 inches by 43.3 inches, and there are limitations on the size of the maximum panel that can be accommodated in MZH Electronics, which has equipment for producing 400G high speed PCBs. In addition, we also have materials specifically designed for manufacturing large-sized panels, such as high-frequency laminates or controlled dielectric substrates. At the same time, we will consider factors such as thermal expansion coefficient, moisture absorption rate, and dimensional stability to ensure the reliability and performance of the final PCB. 25.6 inches X43.3 inches is our universal maximum size, and during the manufacturing process, we will communicate and balance various factors to determine the optimal size that suits your specific production requirements.

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Equipment for manufacturing 400G high-speed PCB with the largest panel size

CNC drilling and milling machines are essential for precisely machining large-sized panels for 400G high-speed PCBs. These machines utilize high-speed rotating drills or milling cutters to precisely drill, mill edges, and cut contours into PCB substrates. This enables tight tolerances, complex geometries, and complex designs to ensure optimal signal integrity and mechanical stability for high-speed electronic devices. In addition, SMT placement machines are essential for quickly and accurately assembling components onto large PCB panels. We also use AOI systems to inspect PCBs for defects such as missing components, misalignment, soldering issues, and trace discontinuities.

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AOI Repair machines

PCB design complexity

For any PCB, its design complexity will directly affect the maximum panel size. High-speed electronic equipment usually requires dense PCBs with many components, including integrated circuits, passive components, connectors, signal traces, etc. We must carefully optimize the arrangement of these components to minimize signal interference and maintain signal integrity, thus requiring large panel sizes. Thermal management in the design also influences panel size, as high-speed electronics generate large amounts of heat during operation, impacting component reliability, performance, and service life. Complex thermal management requirements impact panel size by dictating the placement and spacing of components to ensure adequate airflow and heat dissipation.

Final application requirements

To determine the maximum panel size, consider the electronic device’s overall dimensions and the physical dimensions on which the PCB will be mounted. Different applications may have different size constraints or case sizes, which are the main factors determining the maximum PCB size. Additionally, the functional and performance requirements of the end application determine the maximum panel size for 400G high-speed PCBs. Applications requiring extensive functionality, such as data centers and telecommunications infrastructure, may require larger PCBs to accommodate additional components, interfaces, and signal routing. Conversely, aerospace or automotive electronics applications may require smaller, more compact PCB sizes.


The common available maximum panel size of MZH Electronics 400G high-speed PCB is 25.6 inches X43.3 inches. The maximum panel size will be affected by various factors, including the manufacturing equipment’s capabilities, the PCB design’s complexity, and the end application’s requirements. We will provide unique panel sizes based on different applications and user needs.



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