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MZH Electronics was established in Shenzhen in 2003. MZH’s initial business is PCB hard gold plating and PCB immersion gold plating. After three years of development in gold plating, MZH began full-scale PCB process production in 2006. MZH has two complete PCB process factories and two immersion gold process factories.

With excellent cost and quality control, it has been recognized by more than 2,000 customers worldwide, and its products range from single-layer PCB to 24-layer PCB, aluminum PCB, etc.

Enterprise Vision

To become a WORLD-CLASS PCB technology company.

MZH Electronics

Our Goal


1.28billion RMB of sales achieved with the production capacity expansion of YIYANG Plant I


2billion sales goal to be achieved in 2023 with the YIYANG Plant II completed


2.5billion sales goal to be achieved with the company into the capital market and the upgrade of product tructure.

Final Idea

To achieve the sales goal with the conception of stable, intelligent and lean production management and to be competitive in the global market.

MZH Electronics

Our corporate culture

We are based on high-tech innovation and efficient human resource management to stimulate the transformation and driving force of technology. We adhere to scientific, standardized, normative and procedural quality management and are committed to continuously improving customer satisfaction and building a PCB industry. Characteristic famous brand enterprises.

Business philosophy:

Market Strategy: Northeast and northwest wings fly together, international and domesticjoint development.

Enterprise Vision: to become a WORLD-CLASS PCB technolegy company.

MZH Electronics

Why choose us

Our advantages:

1. Highly automatic equipment and full process in-house, which is helpful for best cost and quality control.
2.Complete quality systems and certificates including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO14005, IATF 16949, UL.
3. Huge production capacity allows us to meet most customers’ diversified demands.
4. Quick-turn delivery and fast response services, including quotation, engineering technical inquiries, and customer complaints.

MZH Electronics

Our capabilities

MZH Electronics

Our development history

To become a WORLD-CLASS PCB technology company.

MZH Electronics

Product quality certification

MZH Electronics

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