Multi-layer PCB 50

What is the difference between rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex Multi-layer PCB?

As life improves and the technology of electronic products around us also advances, everyone will pursue higher-performance electronic equipment, followed by the demand for more complex and more adaptable PCBs. Among them, multi-layer PCB have the ability and function to adapt to complex designs. This category has three main types: rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex multilayer […]

Aluminum PCB 50

How to reduce costs when customizing aluminum PCB?

Aluminum PCB is a critical PCB component in various electronic applications due to its excellent thermal management properties and durability. However, the costs associated with custom aluminum PCBs can be high for some manufacturers. So, it’s crucial to know how to reduce the associated factors for businesses looking to optimize their budgets without compromising quality. […]

2 layer heavy copper PCB

How to Avoid Thermal Fatigue on 2 layer heavy copper PCB?

Thermal fatigue is a critical issue in electronic devices using 2 layer heavy copper PCB, affecting PCB performance and longevity. Preventing thermal fatigue is critical for those who manufacture these PCBs. This guide will comprehensively introduce the avoidance of thermal fatigue in 2 layer heavy copper PCBs, highlighting design considerations, material selection, manufacturing processes, and […]

4 layer heavy copper PCB 50

How 4 layer heavy copper PCB Improve Server Efficiency and Power Density?

As demand for applications continues to increase, so does the need for high-performance servers that can handle complex workloads. Therefore, manufacturers of various types of servers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve efficiency and power density. One solution is to use a 4 layer heavy copper PCB, which offers numerous advantages in terms of […]

400G high-speed PCB 38

Customization options in 400G high speed PCB manufacturing

PCB technology is constantly evolving, and 400G high-speed PCB is very important for applications requiring high data transmission rates, such as data centers, telecommunications, and advanced computing systems. Customizing these 400G high-speed PCBs can improve performance, meet specific engineering requirements, and provide a competitive advantage. This guide will explain the various customization options available in […]

2 layer 2OZ pcb 12

About DFM analysis of 2 layer 2OZ pcb

The role of design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis cannot be underestimated for any PCB, especially for specialized PCBs such as 2 layer 2OZ pcb. This analysis ensures that the PCB design meets manufacturability standards, thereby minimizing production issues and improving the overall reliability of the board. This comprehensive article will explore DFM analysis for 2 […]

multilayer rigid-flex pcb 15

Bending resistance of multilayer rigid-flex pcb

In the field of PCB, multilayer rigid-flex PCB has good flexibility and powerful function integration. This hybrid structure meets modern electronic devices’ complex spatial arrangements and enhances durability under mechanical stress. This article will give you an in-depth look at the bend resistance of multilayer rigid-flex PCBs, a key attribute that industries that require reliable […]