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Ceramic PCB

Ceramic PCB is a type of printed circuit board that uses ceramic materials as the substrate and has excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties. Ceramic PCBs are printed circuit boards made of ceramic materials typically used in high-temperature, high-frequency, and high-power applications. The advantages of ceramic materials are their excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and mechanical stability, making them ideal for some particular fields.

The main parameters:

Materials: The main material of ceramic PCB is ceramic. Common ceramic materials include Alumina and Boron Nitride. Different materials have different properties and can be selected based on application needs.

Thickness: The PCB’s thickness depends on the ceramic substrate’s thickness, usually between 0.25mm and 2mm.

Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity of ceramic PCB is one of its main advantages. Thermal conductivity is usually higher than other common PCB materials, helping to dissipate heat.

Electrical Insulation (Dielectric Strength): Ceramic PCB has excellent electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for high-voltage and high-frequency applications.

Surface Finish: The soldering surface of ceramic PCB usually needs to be coated with solder film to ensure soldering reliability.

Ceramic PCB

Manufacturing process:

Material preparation: First, ceramic powder is prepared, and then the ceramic substrate is made through a molding process.

Insulating ceramic layer preparation: The insulating ceramic layer is prepared on the ceramic substrate, usually through coating and sintering processes.

Conductive layer preparation: Copper foil or other conductive material is attached to the insulating ceramic to form a circuit.

Circuit chemical processing: Manufacturing circuits, including etching, additive plating, drilling and other processes.

Soldering and Assembly: Mount the electronic components on the ceramic PCB and then solder them.

Quality Inspection: Ensure the quality and performance of ceramic PCBs through various tests and inspections.

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