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Metal Substrate PCB

Metal Substrate PCB is a special printed circuit board that uses a metal substrate as the circuit board base material. They are often used in applications requiring high heat dissipation and electrothermal performance, such as LED lighting, power modules, automotive electronics, wireless communications, and other high-power electronic equipment.

Related parameters:

Metal substrate: Metal substrate is usually made of aluminum or copper and has excellent heat dissipation properties. Aluminum substrates are widely used in applications with high lightweight requirements, while copper substrates are suitable for applications that require higher thermal conductivity.

Insulating layer: The top layer of a metal substrate usually has a layer of insulating material, such as electronic grade insulating resin (Dielectric Material), to isolate the circuit layer and the metal substrate to prevent short circuits.

Circuit layer: The circuit layer of the metal substrate is located above the insulating layer and is a key part of the printed circuit board, on which electronic components and wires are arranged.

Copper foil thickness: Copper foil in circuit layers usually comes in different thicknesses, common thicknesses include 1oz (ounces) and 2oz. Thick copper foil can be used to provide better electrical performance and heat dissipation.

Insulation layer thickness: The thickness of the insulation layer typically ranges from tens to hundreds of microns, depending on the needs of the specific application.

Soldering pads: There are usually solder pads on metal substrates used to connect circuit boards and other electronic components, such as LEDs, heat sinks, etc.

Size and Shape: The size and shape of metal substrates vary by application and can be customized based on design requirements.

Manufacturing process:

Substrate preparation: Select a metal substrate of appropriate type and thickness, clean and surface prepare it.

Insulating coating: Coating a metal substrate with an insulating material, usually electronic grade insulating resin. The insulation layer will be used to isolate the circuit layer and the metal substrate.

Copper Foil Bonding: Bonding of copper foil over an insulating layer. A circuit pattern will be formed on the copper foil.

Circuit Board Fabrication: Using printing and etching processes to create patterns for circuit boards. This involves stripping away the required circuit layers and removing unwanted copper foil by etching.

Pad Processing: Processing of solder pads to connect metal substrate PCBs to other electronic components.

Testing and Inspection: Testing and quality inspection of metal substrate PCBs to ensure circuit performance and reliability.

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