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Typical Applications for 2 Layer Immersion Gold PCB

2 layer immersion gold PCB” refers to a printed circuit board with a two-layer design and immersion gold surface treatment. The surface of an immersion gold PCB facilitates the precise placement of components. This ensures that members adhere well to the gold layer, maintaining stability and minimizing the risk of damage during assembly or handling. Today we will introduce to you their main applications.

What are the advantages of 2 layer immersion gold PCB?

An “Immersion Gold” finish involves applying a thin layer of gold to a bare copper surface through a chemical deposition process. This immersed gold layer enhances the performance and reliability of the PCB. Advantages of 2-layer immersion gold PCBs include improved solderability, corrosion resistance, and a flat surface for component mounting. The gold layer prevents oxidation of the copper pads, ensuring clean and reliable solder joints. This is especially important for fine-pitch components or components that require precision soldering. The gold layer also protects the copper traces from corrosion. This increases PCB life and reliability. Let’s take a look at what applications they are suitable for.

Application of 2 layer immersion gold PCB in electronic products

Among various electronic products, 2 layer immersion gold PCB is usually used in lighting systems and control boards of different electronic products. Its two-layer design provides a cost-effective solution for simpler circuits while ensuring reliable interconnection between components. They can improve the overall reliability of electronic equipment. In particular, their immersion gold surface treatment enhances solderability and prevents oxidation of the copper pads during solder assembly. The immersion gold layer’s corrosion resistance is particularly beneficial for these electronic devices exposed to environmental conditions.

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2 layer immersion gold PCB in automotive electronic products

Many of their control units and various systems are composed of PCBs in automobiles. They can be used in engine control units (ECUs), airbags, and infotainment systems. Reliable electrical connections between their components ensure the proper operation of various automotive systems. From engine management to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), these PCBs support complex electronic functions that enhance vehicle safety, performance, and, most importantly, the user experience. The corrosion resistance provided by the immersion gold layer is crucial for automotive applications, as cars spend most of their time driving and encounter harsh conditions such as rain. The immersed gold layer protects the copper traces from the environment. This corrosion resistance facilitates the utilization of safety-critical system functions.

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Industrial control system

We can see 2-layer immersion gold PCBs in industrial control systems suitable for PLC, DCS, and various input/output (I/O) modules. Their two-layer design provides reliable and high signal processing and data transmission accuracy. In industry, immersion gold surface treatment enhances solderability and reduces the risk of oxidation, an essential aspect in industrial environments, whether in manufacturing automation, process control, or robotics. Their reliable electrical connections ensure the stable performance of each component without affecting daily work.

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Telecommunications equipment

Their surfaces support the precise mounting of components in telecommunications equipment. This accuracy is critical for devices with dense communication modules, allowing efficient use of space and helping to improve the overall reliability and efficiency of the system. In addition, 2-layer immersion gold PCB can help data transmission in network equipment to signal processing in communication equipment and better transmit signals to establish connections, which plays a vital role in driving the complex electronic functions of modern telecommunications technology.

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We will tell you about applying 2 layer immersion gold PCB in different industries so everyone can know their advantages and characteristics. If you are engaged in one of these application industries, you can add 2 2 layer immersion gold PCBs and use Their unique features to enhance the product’s performance.



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